Where in Lebanon is the festival located?

The Warren County Fairgrounds is located at 665 N. Broadway St. Lebanon Ohio straight up the street from our previous downtown location!!!

Is the festival one day or two days?

Country Applefest is a one day festival only, rain or shine.

Where can I park?

Parking is available on-site for free. Be aware that the majority of the parking is not paved other than the handicap areas.  Things do get dusty.  Parking with a small donation is available across the street at the American Legion!

Is there handicapped parking available?

Yes!  We have a large handicap section adjacent to the festival area at the fairgrounds 

What do I do if my child becomes lost?

We can broadcast on the PA system from the applefest office at the north end of area E across from the steps.

Is there a good family meeting spot?

We recommend everyone agreeing to a specific building/area and adventuring from there.

 Where is the Country Applefest information booth located?

We have one information tent at the south east corner of the festival in a bright red tent as well as an information "office" at the north end of section "E"

What kind of foods are sold during the festival?

 A large variety of great food will be available. Apple Fritters, Apple pies, Caramel apples, Fudge covered apples, BBQ sandwiches, pork chops, kettle corn, ham sandwiches, brats, metts, hot dogs, burgers, Southern BBQ ribs, and much more!  A new requirement of all booths offering something apple-realted should make an exciting adventure for the foodies!

What kind of crafts are sold during the festival?

 A large variety of homemade crafts will be available. Pottery, jewelry, wood crafts, wreaths, wooden toys, primitive decorations, ornaments, sewn items, herbel soaps, stained glass, quilts, fabric pails, and more.

How will I know what booths are selling apple items? Also, why arent there more apple orchards?

 The Country Applefest information booth can direct you to the apple booths.  Years ago when we started we had 8 orchards in the Warren county area, unfortunately many of those orchards have shut down over the years but we try to feature those that remain.

How can I become a vendor?

 Please see our Vendor Information page on this website.

Can I bring my pet to the festival?

 Please leave your pets at home.  As much as we love animals, Country Applefest is a "pet free" event at the request of our insurance carrier. Service animals, such as a seeing eye dog or medical dog, are acceptable and welcome.Visitors with NON-SERVICE animals will be asked to leave.

Where are the restrooms located for visitors?

A restroom trailer and port-o-lets will be located where the grandstand once stood as well as full service in the white building with the green roof by area E. Other full service restrooms are available on the grounds.  Port-o-lets will be in place near the roadway that takes everyone from the upper level of the grounds to the larger lower level.

Where is the first aid booth located?

In the  Applefest office behind the bleachers in Area E

Do you allow informational, service, or political booths? 

No, we are arts, crafts, and food only.


Do you allow distribution of information (ie. handing out flyers or pamphlets?

We insist on No solicitation of any kind including, but not limited to, distribution of samples, promotional items, flyers, pamphlets, or business cards.


Can we walk around and sell items or services?

No sales permitted outside of assigned and confirmed booth spaces.

Can we make speeches or verbally advertise services, or lecture the attendees?

No public speaking or other vocal interruptions of the festival


Can we carry signs or posters or set up a display on the fairgrounds property?

No banners, displays, posters, or other signage may be carried or staged in the festival or parking area. 


Can we come sing or play music in the festival area for tips? Can we do it for free?

No Busking or musical performances without an authorization letter and confirmation letter from the Country Applefest committee.  But, please contact us! We would love to be able to come to an agreement to allow a limited number of performers set up in areas to entertain the guests!