Historically Applefest has run without sponsors.  We asked the community to assist us in 2012 to throw a special festival to celebrate our 30th anniversary.  As we move forward and improve our festival we are opening the option up to have sponsors for specific areas of the festival.  

We will be adding a Hospitality canopy with tables and chairs underneath it in the area between the Grandstand and Building C to better serve our visitors with an area to enjoy the delicious foods and goodies that they can find at our festival.  The Hospitality area is available to be sponsored.  

We received rave reviews about the entertainment that we had last year and have added Jessie Lyn Fisher as our Entertainment Director.  We are accepting Entertainment sponsors as well to continue to bring great performers to our show.  

New this year will be the ROTC program students assisting us with directing the parking of the multiple lots on site to speed things along.  We would love an additional sponsor to donate funding to this valuable program!

In addition to the on-site full service restrooms in the Grandstand, and in several buildings around the grounds we provide port-o-lets.  Anyone with a great sense of humor that would like to sponsor the port-o-lets would be appreciated!

I'm sure some people are wondering "why add sponsorships now?" The Applefest committee strives to provide a quality event to our community and the surrounding area.  To keep our booth prices affordable to the many non-profit organizations and vendors that provide us with such great products we are looking into other options of generating funding without raising the booth prices themselves.


Thank you all for your continued support!

Country Applefest